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Phiten X100 Aqua Titan Tape pack
Phiten X100 Aqua Titan Tape rollPhiten X100 Aqua Titan Tape packPhiten X100 Aqua Titan Tape


Titanium Tape X100 Roll

The highest-ranked X100 equipped titanium tape comes into the world. Highest-summit body care tape intended for people, whether professionals or amateurs, being truly committed to sports and health. The new titanium tape, which had supported all kind´s of athletes hard times during performance days, is finally commercialized.

Titanium Tape X100 Roll introduced this time was originally developed not for sales but rather prepared for scientific researches of AQUA TITANIUM. After many development stages, the product is realized as the Phiten’s best tape ever. Body care is carried out for injury prevention purpose and not for after injury care. We want all athletes, even at amateur level, put a high value on daily body care.

We generously pump our unique relaxation technology into Titanium Tape X100 Roll. It evolves to the body care tape with highest ranked potential for relaxation.



  • easy to apply
  • elastic
  • water resistant
  • permeable to sweat and breathable
  • for normal and sensitive skin
Titanium Tape X100 Roll packaging
  • 4 special characteristics distinguish the High End Titanium Tape X100 from others:

In the surface of the tape, Phiten’s unique relaxing technology, AQUA TITANIUM is permeated at "X100" level. It can support to relax the body by Phiten’s all time high AQUA TITANIUM concentration.


Coupled with twin powers in the back of the tape: MICRO TITANIUM Balls and AQUA TITANIUM Carbonized Titanium are added. Synergy effect with AQUA TITANIUM X100, high supporting power can be expected.

Peel-resistive tape with superior water repellency

Peel-resistive tape with superior water repellency, also against sweat during sports or when showering.

Stretching ratio near to human skin

Stretching Ratio near to human skin: Natural and comfortable wearability are achieved by setting the ratio of expansion and contraction near to bare skin.

Titan Tape Rolle X100 box



  • Micro Titan Ball
  • AQUA TITANIUM carbonized Titanium


AQUA TITANIUM is the material, which disperses nanoscopic titanium particles in water by using Phiten’s water-soluble metal technology. By wearing products applied with AQUA TITANIUM technology, it can support the body toward the state of relaxation. Recommended for taping at the area of concern and performance care.



  • width: 5cm
  • length: 4,5m


  • Cotton 97%, Polyurethane 3%
  • Adhesive: Acrylic Adhesive
  • Plastic Tube: Polyethylene


Recommendations for use

  • Apply only on clean dry skin.
  • If necessary, remove hairs.
  • The tape discs may simply be put on each spot of concern by yourself. No special technique required.
  • Depending on skin tolerability tapes can be worn over a period of several days. Due to hygiene reasons we recommend to take off the tapes after 2-3 days.
  • more: general recommendations for using Phiten Tapes


Titanium Tape Roll use


  • Role tapes can be cut to the correct size easily. There´s a scale on the tape´s backside.
  • Apply the tape to the slightly pre-stretched muscle (to improve effects), along the course of the muscle.
  • In addition, the tape can be applied according to the kinesiology method.



  • Round off the corners of each end to prevent peeling.
  • If the tape comes of at one part, it does not have to be completely removed. Trim this area and leave the rest of the tape glued on your body.


Titanium Tape Roll examples of use



Examples of use

tape map discs

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Image not available


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Image not available


Image not available

neck and shoulder

Image not available

knee outside

Image not available


Image not available


Image not available

achilles tendon

Image not available


Image not available

large and medium gluteal muscle

Image not available



Please note

Do not stick on open wounds. When rash, redness or itching remove tape and, if necessary seek for medical advice.


Made in Japan

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