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Phiten Metax Tape


Metax Tape (50 pcs)

High effective premium tape to put on any area of concern.

The new METAX technology is based on new material and technology mix that combines AQUA TITAN, AQUA PALLADIUM, Carbonized Titanium and Mica. The type of Mica used is so-called “Gold Mica”, a natural combination of minerals known to be rich in magnesium content and of high biological value. Mica is coated over the back surface as the material is highly compatible with Phiten process.

Enhanced Phiten processed based on new material and technology mix for higher effectiveness.

The new oval Metax tapes are about 45% larger (length: 35 mm, width: 22 mm) than the conventional Titan Tape Discs to cover a larger surface area. Thus, a simpler and more targeted application is possible with less material usage.

Highly versatile, applicable to small areas such as finger. As all Phiten Tape Discs, Metax Tape Discs are ideally suited for trigger point treatments with high effectiveness.



  • easy to apply
  • water resistant
  • for normal and sensitive skin
Metax Tape Disc


Technology and Material

  • Metax TechnologyThe new METAX Technology is based on a new mixture of refined technologies especially developed for the tape disc approach:
    • AQUA TITAN + AQUA PALLADIUM + Carbonized Titanium + Mica
    • The type of Mica used is so-called "Gold Mica", a natural combination of minerals known to be rich in magnesium content and of high biological value
  • Textile fabric: Polyester 61%, Cotton 33%, Polyurethane 6%


Size and package content

  • Size: 35mm x 22mm (oval)
  • 1 Box contains 50 Discs
Metax Tape Discs



Recommendations for use

  • Apply only on clean dry skin.
  • If necessary, remove hairs.
  • The tape discs may simply be put on each spot of concern by yourself. No special technique required.
  • Depending on skin tolerability tapes can be worn over a period of several days. Due to hygiene reasons we recommend to take off the tapes after 2-3 days.
  • more: general recommendations for using Phiten Tapes


example of use - arm
example of use - knee




Examples of use

tape map discs

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Image not available


Image not available

neck and shoulder

Image not available


Image not available

upper and middle back

Image not available

back and shoulder

Image not available


Image not available


Image not available


Image not available

knee outside

Image not available

large and medium gluteal muscle

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Please note

Do not stick on open wounds. When rash, redness or itching remove tape and, if necessary seek for medical advice.


Made in Japan

Additional Information

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