CHERRYACTIVE CONCENTRATE - 473ML, 946ml and Single Shots

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CHERRYACTIVE CONCENTRATE - 473ML, 946ml and Single Shots
CHERRYACTIVE CONCENTRATE - 473ML, 946ml and Single ShotsCHERRYACTIVE CONCENTRATE - 473ML, 946ml and Single ShotsCHERRYACTIVE CONCENTRATE - 473ML, 946ml and Single Shots



Whether you are a sports professional, elite or amateur athlete, or a regular gym user, you should consider CherryActive Concentrate and Capsules as part of your nutritional plan. These products help optimise your physical recovery from training and competition - thereby supporting personal training and sporting goals.

CherryActive products are made from 100% carefully-grown Montmorency cherries, using special techniques to harness and optimise their powerful, naturally-occurring antioxidants. Supported by endorsements from the cream of world-class athletes and sports professionals, together with positive research studies from respected sport-performance research labs, CherryActive products are becoming a sports nutrition favourite for consumers serious about their sport and fitness.

Antioxidant Power!

CherryActive Concentrate is a real antioxidant powerhouse! Recent tests have shown a single 30ml shot contains greater antioxidants than you'd find in 20 average fruit and veg portions!* During intense training, your body produces an increase in free radical activity that can contribute to muscle cell deterioration. This may, in turn, lead to loss in muscle mass and strength. The powerful antioxidants in CherryActive Concentrate help “mop up” damaging free radicals, helping to reduce cell damage and optimise your muscle and strength gains. *Source – Brunswick Labs, USA.

Less Muscle Soreness

CherryActive Concentrate contains a rich mix of natural compounds including anthocyanins and super oxide dismutase, which are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Regular users of CherryActive Concentrate report less muscle soreness and quicker recovery rates following intense exercise, a phenomenon that is supported by a number of recent scientific studies .

Quality Sleep

CherryActive Concentrate also contains naturally-occurring compounds, which are well-documented to help support your body's circadian rhythms and natural sleep cycles. Quality sleep is an important factor in an athlete's recovery as this is when your body's complex repair processes are most active.

I train regularly – how can CherryActive products help me?

Recent research has shown taking CherryActive Concentrate regularly can improve recovery rates and reduce muscle pain after intensive training.

Being a powerful antioxidant (8260 ORAC units per 30ml), CherryActive Concentrate can also help “mop up” harmful free radicals. Free radicals can reduce muscle mass and can cause long term damage to other cells and organs.

CherryActive are made from Montmorency cherries, one of the few known sources of naturally occurring melatonin, an antioxidant known to help maintain healthy sleep patterns. Good quality sleep can help the body recover from exercise too.

When and how should I take CherryActive Concentrate?

We recommend taking CherryActive Concentrate within 30 minutes of training. You can take it with water (we recommend 30-60ml CherryActive Concentrate with 250-500ml of water). Alternatively, you can add it straight to your usual protein/carb recovery drink. On rest days we recommend taking it at breakfast with water, fruit juice, smoothie or with natural yoghurt.

Many customers take 30ml CherryActive Concentrate twice during training days to optimise antioxidant intake.

Nutritional Information: Per 30ml serving

Energy 102 calories
Protein 1.1g
Carbohydrate 24.5g
of which sugars 17.9g
and starch 4.0g
Fat trace
Fibre 2.6g
Sodium 21mg
Vitamin A 184 mcg (23% RDA)
Vitamin C 9mg (15% RDA)
Iron 1mg (7% RDA)


100% Concentrated Montmorency Cherry Juice. Each 30ml Serving derived from at least 90 Montmorency Cherries. No added sugars*, sweeteners, preservatives, colours or flavours. (*Contains naturally occurring sugars)


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